Post Interview Thank You Emails

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What Is It?

When you walked into that office, you showed that you had confidence and composure and that you were ready to take on anything they threw at you. You had finely ironed clothes on and a smile that no one could refuse to return.

You prepared all night so when they asked you all those questions in the interview, they would be surprised.

And even more impressive is you came up with challenging questions for them to respond to, to show interest in the position and company itself. They were shocked.

There is always the waiting period though and you can always gauge how you did but in reality, you will not know for sure until they tell you.

It could always be the excuse of you have all the skills but not enough experience, or vice versa which is just as bad.

You have to remember what makes you stand out from the rest. So how do you remind them of that? You need to send a thank you letter, the follow up. This is what shows them that you are efficient and ready to handle the job that they are offering. This is the final impression that you will have before they make their decision.

Why You Should Do It

One, not sending the letter actually lessens your chances of getting hired. There has been results of a survey saying that 25% of hiring managers would not hire anyone who did not send that thank you email after the interview.

This is kind of insane right? There are some people we know personally who were not technically hiring managers but still had to handle hiring and firing people agreed with this. Even if they were a great fit, if they did not send that email they were out the window.

When you decide to send the thank you email after an interview, make sure to do it in a timely fashion, right away is the correct answer.

The sooner the better. Hiring managers look for it right away because it demonstrates time management and what your priorities may look like in terms of employment and the job you are trying to secure.

And when hiring managers have to make a decision, time is of the essence. So as mentioned before, send as soon as you can. It is a lot more important than you may believe. Try to keep the time frame limited to 24 to 48 hours.

How You Should Do It

So here is how you send a thank you email after an interview. It is not that hard so hopefully you do not have too much trouble with this outline that will be given. If you follow it, you should be fine and woo them.

After years of using the method of a thank you email, there has been a downfall of how effective they have become.

This is saddening but here is how that can be remedied. They have morphed into boring letters and no one is being original anymore in the things they want to say. The usual is Hi, thanks for your time, I would be good for the position because, blah, blah, blah. That is great and all but spice it up a bit.

Hiring managers get a lot of these after interviews and they do not want to read the same thing over and over.

With this knowledge it should definitely prepare you to create something new and original. If you know that everyone will be saying around the same thing, step out of the box. Here is how you can do this.


In your email, to further show that you are qualified for the position you can link different websites that show off your attributes.

This can be your own personal website, if you have one. You can also send them your link to your LinkedIn page. This you should have if you are in the professional world.

Or even a Facebook page that is professionally appropriate. And then also add in there your resume, cover letter, and any portfolio information that you would see beneficial for their eyes. This can be a way of extending the interview, making you more memorable of a candidate. You may have been already forgotten. But with the email you can come back to mind that fast.

There could be unanswered questions from the interview that could get answered from whatever information you chose to send over to the hiring manager. They may see that you possess other skills that might not have gotten address.

Even better, the position they have open could be a good fit; but after looking over this email, another position could be a great fit.

After you find a good way to organize this letter, preferably with a greeting, introduction, some points about being great for the position, links inserted where they are mentioned, and a conclusive closing. This should be memorable enough to get you a callback.

Be Sincere

Another key aspect of the process is the sincerity you portray throughout the email. After completing it, go back and check the type of words that you used.

The quality over quantity is the key here when sending a thank you email after an interview. Tailor your email as closely as you can to fit the company’s values and expectations as possible. As well as the position you are interviewing for.

Showing that you understand the challenges of the company is facing in trying to find someone for the position is great. You can say something along the lines of, “…with the needs of this position I am willing to…” Continue to demonstrate enthusiasm for the position.

Do not keep repeating your qualifications though. This will probably turn them off of all the good things they have read. The hiring manager will have already made a decision from the things said above in your email. When they get to the closing of it, you have to make sure what you say at the bottom is what you want them to be thinking about last when your name is mentioned again. When they have a meeting on who they are going to hire and why, when your name comes up they should be able to state clearly why or why not.

The Outcome

The outcome is hopefully going to be that you get hired. Now that you have been told on how to send a thank you email after an interview, hopefully you execute it successfully.