Interview Question: Why Do You Want This Job?

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At first glance this question seems to be simple, in some ways to simple to even answer. But do not be fooled.

This question is not as straightforward as it may seem. What the interviewers are asking is why do you want to work for this company, and why do you want this job?

This is another perfect opportunity to show off why you are the best candidate of the job – including your skills and qualities as well as the company values.

Lets think about why interviewers ask this question. There are a few things they can learn from your answer.

They can find out about the career goals and how this job fits into your career path – if they don’t think that it does fit in to it, they may think that you will not want to stay in the position for a long time and therefore will consider a different candidate.

They also want to make sure you are actually interested in the job itself, rather than another factor such as a attractive pay packet.

Again, if they don’t believe this is a job you are truly interested in, they may be inclined to believe that you won’t be as motivated to perform in the role as someone who truly wants to do the job. Consider your name off the yes list if this is the case. Another reason the interviewer asks this question is so they can get a further understand of your priorities and how this job fits into them. If you can demonstrate performing well in the job is a high priority for you then this could improve your prospects of getting the job.

You need to begin by thinking about why you do want the job. What about the role attracts you to it? For example, could the job be great for your future prospects? Once you know what it is, you can think about how to work it into your answer. When answering this question there are few things you want to include. I have listed these below with an explanation on how you can interrupt it into your answer.

• Demonstrate how your skills link to the job

It is vital to show how your skills and qualities are right for the job you are applying for throughout the interview and this is a great opportunity to really drive this message home to the interviewers. This is a good time to refer back to the job description so you highlight what qualities you are looking for in your answer. The key is to use this time to say what the company is looking for and how you have it. You can explain that the reason you applied for the position and the reason you want to work for the company is because these skills and qualities appeal to you.

• Be enthusiastic about the job

Although this question seems like it is about you and what you want, don’t be fooled, it is still about the employer. Use this opportunity to sound excited about the job but also to express your future job prospects also. This will sound good to the interviewer because it will eliminate any concerns they may have about you being a candidate who may not stick around for very long. There is another way you can express your enthusiasm, which is by doing some research about the company and including a few factors about it that interest you. This is one of the best ways to show you are interested in the company and would be enthusiastic in the role. These could include the companies reputation, their values or the growth and success.

• Show that you will fit in with the rest of the company

When interviewing someone the hiring manager isn’t only interested in your skills and qualities, they need to know you will fit in with the rest of the company culture. For example, a candidate could have all the skills required and some, but if they have a personality that may rub up the rest of the work force the wrong way, the hiring manager may have their doubts. They don’t want to hire you or someone that could cause conflict in the workforce or the team they would be joining. If you can demonstrate that you will be someone who fits in then your chances of being hired will only increase.

• Keep is short

You don’t want to lose the interviewers interest and weaken the strength of your main points by surrounding them with too much information. Therefore you should keep your answer short but sweet, and really put the emphasis in why you want to work for that specific company.
Now there are some things you want to avoid when answering this question. I have listed these below.

• Don’t be too honest

Yes honesty is the best policy, that is true. However, whilst you should always tell the truth however you don’t want to overstep that line and go from being honest to overly honest.

• Not being specific

If you are too general it doesn’t tell the hiring manager why you want that particular job. A generic answer will just seem like something you say to every company that interviews you.
• Inappropriate answers

Its not a time to try and give them a funny, sarcastic answer. Something along the lines of “Because your company needs me, I’m the miracle you’ve been waiting for”. Even though you are trying to me it a joke, its not likely to get any laughs – unless they are awkward-you-aren’t-getting-the-job laughs!

• Being unenthusiastic

If you don’t sound enthusiastic about the job, the interviewer won’t be convinced that you even want the job. You don’t want to sound like you just turned up because ‘hey, there was a job opening’. Instead, you want to sound as though you’ve been waiting for this position to come up in this company.

Now you have these key factors, you can plan and prepare your answer for your job interview. If you use all the points provided, and deliver your answer with confidence, I have not doubt you will impress the interviewer and show them that you really do want the job.