How to write a Resume Objective/Summary?

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Good old resumes… We all understand how tedious and difficult writing resumes can be, but it’s something we can simply not escape and must inevitably face.

And hey, think of it like this, creating and submitting the right resume can change your life and get you that dream job you’ve been looking for, or an escape from the horrors of your current job (we’ve all been there).

To begin with the obvious fact, a good resume is not just about the substance contained in it; presentation and style also go a long way in determining the quality of a resume.

A good resume is meant to care of all of your employment worries, woes, and anxieties. Join me as I take you through a blunt and straightforward approach on how you can write a great resume that can get you the job you want.

Here’s the deal; employers generally have to look through hundreds of resumes and submissions in order to weed out candidates who fit the requirements necessary for the job, they want the most qualified and best possible fits to become a member of their company. They don’t have much time to waste, so when they look at resumes they are looking for anything that stands out that is of value.

Your only given one first impression, and there is no second opportunity to create first impressions.

First impressions have been proven to have an effect when it comes to people’s perception of you, especially when it comes to the whole employment process. That is why it is crucial for you to write an effective resume objective or summary, this is often the first thing that employers stumble upon.

What’s the difference between Resume Objectives and Resume Summaries?

It’s very simple.

Resume Objectives are generally for people who are entering a new industry or targeting a specific job or position.

For example, if you are in retail and you are applying for a financial consulting position it would be best for you to create a resume objective.

So what exactly are resume objectives? They are quick and specific statements that express your career directions and intentions, it should be expressed in such a way that it outlines your skills, value, and the benefits that you will be bringing to your potential employer.

Resume Summaries

If you are not changing industries or targeting a specific job or position, then you would be best suited to write a resume summary. A resume summary is pretty straightforward and simple, it is simply a summary of your qualifications and work history, it should summarize your skills and your experience.

The Mindset Necessary to Write An Effective Resume Summary or Objective:

Having a killer mindset and a constructive approach to anything almost always generates desirable results. This can especially be applied to writing a resume. You need to stand out, you understand that employers look through tons of resumes, so what should you do? Here are some better questions; what makes you think you are the best fit for the position that you are applying for?

What are the best benefits and value that you can provide for that company? Answer those questions and incorporate them into your resume objective or summary. You must do everything in your power to provide as much value and possible benefit to the company you are applying for, you must state why you are the best candidate to be hired.

Employers only care about what you can do for them, how you can help them grow and further establish their goals and philosophies, they do not care about your goals or your pursuits. They want to know how you can help them and what you can help them with.

Just think of it from their perspective; imagine you were building a house and were looking to hire someone to help you out. 2 guys approach you in order to provide help, but they have very different approaches. One of the guys comes up to you and says, ‘ I am hard working and I love to work on houses. My goal is to eventually become a construction developer and this job will give me the experience I need”. The other guy comes and says “Looks like you are building a single-family home with a brick finishing. Perfect, I have years of experience and extensive knowledge to help you complete this. If you are having trouble with the roofing too, no worries, I can help you out with that too. Together we can build a high quality home”. Who are you going to hire in this situation? Exactly.


I can’t leave you hanging without any examples. Here’s a specific example I found from, notice how it states what the individual can do for the company and how it ties to the specific field;

To obtain the position of a junior analyst with PwC where I can leverage my high-quality education from XXX and consulting skills gained from my internship/s at XXX.

Here’s an example of a Resume Summary I found on;

Financial service professional successful at advertising multi-billion dollar corporations, small businesses, and individual clients. Areas of expertise include asset allocation, investment strategy, and risk management.

Use these examples as a guide to help you write a great resume objective or summary.

Summary and Recap:

-The first thing employers look at is your Resume Objective or your Resume Summary. It is crucial for you to have an effective statement that shows why you are the best fit for their company.

-Resume Objectives should be written by people who are looking to enter a new industry or are targeting a specific position. It is meant to outline your career direction and should provide your skills, value, and benefit that you can provide to your potential employer.

-Resume Summaries are for people who are NOT looking to enter a new industry or are targeting a specific position. Resumes summaries meant to summarize in a concise way all your skills, experience, and qualifications for the job you are applying for.

– You must establish value and benefit to your potential employer. Through your resume objective and summary, let them know how you can be a valuable addition to their company and how you can help them.

Final Statement:

Keep trying and switch your perspective to how you can help people and companies and you will move forward in no time. Happy job hunting!