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How to Reach Out to Hiring Managers

How exactly should you reach out to hiring managers? When is the appropriate time to reach out? What are the benefits?

These are all wonderful questions. We have created and provided a simple framework you may follow in order to get the answers you desire. Reaching out to your hiring managers is a wonderful way to greatly increase your chances of being hired. In many cases, it is best to either email these managers, or contact them via a professional social media site, such as LinkedIn. It is best to reach out immediately after you have applied, as the message you send should supplement your resume. You should provide a short, straightforward, targeted message that summarizes why you are the absolute best fit for the job. You may also provide contact information, and attach your cover letter and resume.

It is well-established by now that the standard job application process is typically too generic to capture the full reason why you are the best candidate. Resumes and cover letters cannot possibly relay all the details of all of your experiences. At best, they provide miniature abstracts that scrape only the surface of who you are as a professional. In addition, hiring managers have complained for years now that it is nearly impossible to find exactly what they are looking for simply by searching through long lists of buzz words that don’t hold any significant meaning. Many resumes include the same descriptions, and besides the specific qualifications, include a lot of the same ideas. Given this, how is it possible to highlight yourself as unique among the many candidates that apply? Fortunately, there is an approach you can take in order to set yourself apart from your competition. This approach is reaching out to your hiring managers directly.